How to maintain the hotel safe for the Guest

How to maintain the hotel safe for the Guest

A Hotel is a place to stay and most people prefer them when they travel to a new place. The expectation of the visitors of the hotel is that it should be clean, secure, and hygienic with basic amenities. In the internet world, they book hotels online by reading all the reviews carefully. It is the responsibility of the owner and the management team to create a secure atmosphere for all customers to make their business grow.

Keep the customer information safe and don’t disclose their personals to anyone. Make the employees and guests understand the protocol and check for the credentials of the visitor. Have the power backup plans ready to react during the power failure.Keep the printed leaflet with all the emergency numbers and instructions in each room and have the intercom facility in all rooms. Train the housekeeping staff on how to handle the equipment and safety measures to maintain the fresh environment. The bathroom should have slip-proof strips or surfaces and install childproof plugs. All the furniture should be in proper conditions and there should not be any climbs on the balcony.

Fire safety is the most important one in every place, as the fire accident can happen. The management should install the fire extinguishers system at the vital areas and place the exit points visible to the visitors and instruct them or distribute the leaflet with a handful of infrastructure information during their check-in to avoid any major incidents. Train the employee on the mitigation steps and how to act on the emergency. Get the electric condition report regularly to know about the electrical short circuits, shocks, and fires.

The gas cylinder which you are using in the kitchen has to check regularly and train the professionals on the safety methods to use the cylinders. Install the alarm which calculates the danger level and shut off the gas system automatically when it reaches or crosses the danger limit.

Give a professional uniform to all your staff members with your company logo printed on it. It will help the guest identify the correct person to approach for the queries. Develop a clear and scheduled emergency plan during the build construction.

Install the surveillance camera to safeguard the properties and belongings of the guest and also to monitor any illegal or work-doings inside the building rooms. Update your server, online data regularly to avoid any cyber-attacks. Ensure to conduct the periodic and thorough risk assessment on the database.