Enjoy Your Life by Travelling and Achieve Happiness

A Tourist is a person who travels to different places and countries in order to get more fun and experience. They are the type of people who travels to many places and stays outside rather than their regular environment for a purpose like business, leisure, etc. for not over one year. There are many tourist spots found all over the world and people go to these spots in search of fun, peace, and happiness. Mostly they go during their free time and during holidays. Some people do this as their passion and they travel to many places to learn new culture and to know more about their language behavior, environment, lifestyle, faith, and beliefs. The factors that affect the tourists and the process of tourism are hospitality, accommodation, retail, tourist guides, and guided tours, transportation services, cultural services, sports and recreation activities, travel agencies, and reservation services.

The tourist’s guide is the person who welcomes tourists from different countries. They are a person who travels along with the visitors and takes them to the important tourist places and explains about the history and importance of those places. Their major role is to keep them more fun, entertained and do not make them get bored. They are familiar with different languages and guide the people based on the choice of their language.

There are three basic types of tourism available and they are,

Domestic tourism: It is the type of tourism in which the tourists travel to visit different places within their own mother country. It is the travel made within the country and not outside of it.

Inbound tourism: It is the type in which the visitors from other countries come to visit our own country.

Outbound tourism: it is the type in which the people from their own country travel to other countries to experience different cultures and lifestyles.

Tourism provides benefits for both the host destination and the tourists. It helps in boosting the economy, pays money for important services of the public like law enforcement and education, and also gives employment to many people. The major benefit of being a tourist is they can go across many countries to enjoy their life joyfully and create more memories and life experiences. They can also learn different cultures, languages and gain more knowledge about many places. Some common features they expect while visiting a particular place are landscape, architecture, culture, infrastructure, shopping, gastronomy, events, etc. They mostly like places with peace and natural attraction.

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