What are the basic responsibilities of a tourist in wildlife tourism?

People who love nature are planning for wildlife tourism and it increases conservation funds and local tribal economy. Wildlife is most important for the well-being of humanity and the entire planet. This tour includes the activities of viewing butterflies, glow-worm, underwater, observing pythons, turtles, polar bears, bats, tigers, and much more. They generally classify these tourists as an explorer, backpack, backpacker plus, high volume, general and special interest based on the experience and the travel need.

You should follow all the regulations during the wildlife tour to preserve the forest reserves as a responsible Tourist. Maintain the silence, as animals might get disturbed when they hear loud noises. Wear only the light-colored dress and not dark color, as animals may get affected or become ferrous while seeing dark color. Don’t use strong perfumes, as the animals are more sensitive to them. Pack all the things ahead as you cannot buy the needy things in a dense forest and carry only light luggage as you need to travel a lot by walking or trekking.

  • As a tourist, don’t create risk or harm to the birds and animals in the forest and should be self-responsible. Causing any disturbance to them may affect their life cycle or the breeding of their species.
  • Don’t feed them any foods you are carrying with you as it may cause infection or transmit disease from animal to human or vice versa.
  • Prefer safaris to see the animals in their usual habitat and never ever get down from the vehicle you are riding. It is preferable to go for the ride during the season. Hence do complete research and book for the tour in advance.
  • Don’t touch any animals and try to understand their natural behavior, and respect them.
  • Take the photographs after having the discussion with the local tour guides, as they have the proper idea of the places and situations where you can click pictures. Avoid the usage of flash, as they strictly prohibit it since the animals will get affected by the lights.
  • Be patient in watching the wildlife creatures as they come only when they need to move around.

The wildlife tours are not available all the days of the year. The respective government will allow only during the particular season depending on the climatic conditions. The benefits of being responsible to protect wild nature are to support biodiversity, agriculture, research, the economy of eco-services, ecotourism, education, and psychological benefits. If you are interested in caring for the tourism sector, you can give them voluntary support.

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